Diving into World Oceans Day


We’re nearing World Oceans Day and we want to take this time to spotlight some of our incredible projects who are focused on ocean and sea life conservation. World Oceans Day, June 8th, serves as a global platform to raise awareness about the importance of the oceans and the need to protect and sustainably manage their resources. It provides us with a significant opportunity to reflect as a community on the vital role oceans play in sustaining life on our planet, and to reiterate our dedication to protecting and preserving them.

Our virtual world is frequently flooded with distressing news about the state of our oceans. That’s why it is crucial to shine a light on the incredible work being done by individuals and projects in the ocean conservation space. Our organization has had the privilege of sponsoring numerous projects that are tackling these challenges head-on, employing innovative approaches, and effecting positive change in their respective regions.

United World Challenge

United World Challenge is preparing to announce their second World Record trans-oceanic expedition this September. The mission? To accelerate solutions to the ocean plastic crisis. 

During the first United World Challenge solo row from California to Hawaii in 2020, founder and solo rower, Tez Steinberg was extremely isolated. At times, the people nearest to him were in the International Space Station, as he rowed 2,700 miles completely alone. And yet, he saw plastic every day. That’s why the next expedition is focused on solving the plastic pollution crisis by raising funds and action to invest in the most promising solutions that exist. After the project is announced in September, the Challenge will run a global crowdfund to raise awareness and action to stop plastic from flowing to sea. 

Contact Tez to get involved.

Global Coralition

Global Coralition is a nonprofit organization uniting art, science and communities to accelerate reef regeneration. They partner with local NGOs and community leaders to build large-scale, culturally impactful sculptures. Those sculptures are then deployed into the sea to become a site for ecotourism, education and restoration – raising nationwide awareness and catalyzing key local partnerships.

Their latest sculpture Atabey, Mother of the Waters, was recently deployed into the sea in the Dominican Republic. The project leaders are heading there soon to deploy 20 coral nurseries around the sculpture which have been adopted by people around the world.

Key Largo Citizen Science Diving Project

This unusual program engages citizen scientists in hands-on, cutting-edge scientific research focused on coral restoration. The research expedition will bring 10 participant divers to the Florida Keys the week of July 16-22. The research will be focused on the detection, quantification, and prevention of coral disease in the Florida Keys. Expedition members will be fully immersed in all aspects of this coral reef conservation project and will be trained to systematically photograph the reef and take samples for water-quality analyses. By their involvement, participants are advancing both coral reef science and coral reef protection for one of the most biodiverse, and yet critically endangered, ecosystems on Earth.

Far Away Radio

For anyone that hasn’t yet listened, the entire first season of our podcast, Far Away Radio, is focused on change-makers in the ocean space. We interview entrepreneurs, activists, and even an astronaut. Listen to episodes on Spotify or Apple Music!