Meet Us in Black Rock City


Join us for a Far Away Projects meetup on playa! Welcoming our project leaders, donors, and team members (past and present) to get together in celebration of all the great work that we’ve done together over the last eight years.

When: Thursday September 1st, 3-4pm

Where: Burners Without Borders, 6:45 & Esplanade

Burners Without Borders is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community leadership organization whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities to solve problems that bring about meaningful change.

Supporting volunteers from around the world in innovative disaster relief solutions & community resiliency projects, BWB is known for the unbridled creativity they bring to every civic project they do.

Projects in Attendance

Three of our incredible project leaders will be present at the Burners Without Borders meetup on September first to answer questions and talk about their programs. This is a great way to connect with these project leads and learn more about their impactful initiatives.

Ripple Project

A station for the regeneration of native biodiversity and ecological knowledge, Ripple is an engaging educational space for community gatherings, workshops, and projects. Prototyping has begun for the permanent installation of Ripple at Fly Ranch, a bountiful 3,800-acre plot of land in Nevada owned by Burning Man Project.

The Ocean Defenders

An ocean literacy and environmental news platform, packaged in a fun digestible animated series for kids aged 6 and up. Their comic strips represent real-life ocean conservationists, water-sports athletes, and ecological issues with the use of real-life solutions. They create customized Ocean Defenders characters in their multimedia platform including NFT’s.

United World Challenge

An innovative project that completes extreme expeditions and shares the story live through multimedia channels to raise funds and spark action to solve the issues of our time. The United World Challenge team is preparing for the next expedition: a never-before-attempted journey that aims to secure 1 World Record and 3 World Firsts in adventure and science.