New 2023 Initiatives


Happy New Year to all our friends in far away places. All we can say is wow. As an organization, we have grown immensely in the last few years. As a team, we are extremely grateful to all the contributors and collaborators that have helped us expand our capacity to support global social impact projects.

Since our beginning in 2015, Far Away has consistently worked to create fiscal sponsorship solutions that empower our project leaders, while we handle the backend infrastructure of running a nonprofit. In the last year, we focused on increasing our capacity for project support to include services such as communications strategy planning, enhanced financial tools, and fundraising training. With our internal systems optimized, we are ready to bring on a new cohort of projects in 2023. As always, we utilize the framework of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals help us determine whether projects are aligned with our vision of building a more equitable and regenerative future, together. Learn more about the SDG’s shared blueprint for peace and prosperity here. If you are interested in fiscal sponsorship, or know a project that might be a good fit, apply now!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our corporate social responsibility management services, CSR-In-A-Box.  As a fiscal sponsor supporting a diverse range of environmental and humanitarian projects, we are uniquely positioned to design and execute a custom CSR strategy for your company. Far Away is actively seeking companies who are interested in maximizing their corporate social impact.

Follow to the link below to learn more about CSR-In-A-Box, and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to [email protected] with any questions or introductions.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Key Largo Science Citizen Project is an incredible scientist-led project in the Florida Keys. It is the outgrowth of Dr. Porter’s multi-decades career in teaching, research, and policy advice on coral reef conservation in the Florida Keys. These project leaders are organizing a research expedition with 10 SCUBA divers in the Florida Keys in 2023. The goal of the expedition will be to engage all of the donor-participants in front-line scientific research. The research will be focused on the detection, quantification, and prevention of coral disease in the Florida Keys. Divers will be trained to systematically photograph the reef and take samples for water-quality analyses. Expedition members will be fully immersed in all aspects of this coral reef conservation project. With their hands-on participation and generous donations, participants are making possible a continuation of this National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health funded research. By their involvement, donor-participants are advancing both coral reef science and coral reef protection for one of the most biodiverse, and yet critically endangered, ecosystems on Earth. If you’re interested in this incredible trip, click the link below.