Welcome to Far Away Radio!


Early last year, we started with a challenge. As a team, we are constantly looking for new ways to amplify the efforts of our project leaders and collaborators, bringing more awareness to their inspiring work. We decided a podcast would be an interesting and accessible way to tell those stories. After months of learning, listening, recording, and revising, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Far Away Radio.

We’re extremely grateful to the collaborators that helped bring Far Away Radio to fruition. None of this would have been possible without our rockstar editor, Elise Orlowski, with support from her team at The Convergence. Our visuals were designed by Micaela Rogatti and special thanks to Romain Collin for musical contributions.

Episodes 1 and 2 are now streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Season 1 focuses on ocean change-makers who use art, tech, and science to better the ocean and was recorded in collaboration with the Ultramarine Ocean Action Summit. To support Far Away Radio, subscribe, share, and leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform!

Episode 1

In the first episode, host Desiree Tavera interviews Dr. Sian Proctor – geoscientist, astronaut, explorer, space artist, ocean conservationist, and soon-to-be aquanaut. Dr. Sian Proctor made history as the first African American woman to pilot a spacecraft for SpaceX Inspiration4, the first African American commercial astronaut, and the first African American to paint in space. Dr. Proctor shares her journey from being a kid who dreamed of becoming an astronaut, to pursuing her studies in environmental science, geoscience, and science education, to becoming a college professor, and ultimately achieving her lifelong dream. She is also recognized as one of the Explorer’s Club’s 50 people changing the world. Listen now to hear Dr. Proctor’s uplifting vision for a more equitable and regenerative future!

Episode 2

In episode two, Desiree talks to Joshua Sam Miller, an ocean advocate, multidisciplinary artist, and social impact entrepreneur. His mission is to connect people to the natural world through immersive art. Joshua is the creator of Sounds of the Ocean, which blends art, science, and audio-visuals to create marine life experiences. He is also the founder of Embodied Sounds, a mindful content creation studio and music label that brings wellness experiences around the world. In this conversation, Joshua shares about his journey, how he got into ocean advocacy, and future plans to make ocean regeneration accessible to people who don’t live by the ocean. Listen now, as he discusses the importance of slowing down and connecting with oneself. 

Explorers Club

Congratulations to our very own Desiree Tavera, who was recently inducted into The Explorer’s Club! The Explorer’s Club is a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of exploration and field research. It brings together individuals from a wide range of disciplines who share a passion for exploration and discovery. The Club is known for its adventurous members who have traveled to the most remote and challenging corners of the world, and are dedicated to making a positive impact through their work. 

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