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At the heart of our mission is our groundbreaking research and development of coral microbiome boosters. These specialized microorganisms play a crucial role in supporting the health and resilience of coral reefs. By enhancing the natural defense mechanisms of corals, we aim to mitigate the effects of climate change, pollution, and disease, ultimately promoting the regeneration of damaged reef systems. This will lead to continued tourism revenue and flood protection benefits for large and small business, marine parks, and governments.


March, 2023


Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


Azul Biotechnologies was established in 2022 as a social impact corporation to preserve marine biodiversity into the 22nd century through cutting-edge biological-based solutions.

They are currently running regional coral microbiome booster development pilots with local coral restoration organization partners that lead to large scale treatments funded by the ocean-based hospitality industry, municipalities, and grants/donations.

For commercial clients, they are targeting hotel chains with properties located in Quintana Roo, Mexico where coral microbiome boosters can maintain the integrity of coral reef crests to preserve their flood protection benefits, and for municipalities we are in talks with the government of the Maldives on a paid pilot. Future framework development for biodiversity credits will allow for financially scalable large scale treatment of coral reefs that do not directly contribute to flood protection.

For our Florida pilot, we are working with the Coral City Foundation, a Miami based non-profit, to fundraise for Florida Reef Tract coral microbiome booster development.





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