DeLorean Legacy Project


To change the world one person at a time through mentorship, opportunity and support.


October 18, 2022


Antrim, New Hampshire, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


The DeLorean Legacy Project ignites student potential by funding a revolutionary high school automotive education program where students work directly with top industry professionals building supercars. Through hands-on experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing their dream car, students discover their passions, gain valuable skills, and graduate career-ready.

Our curriculum empowers students to conceive, engineer, and fabricate an automobile by the time they graduate high school. Each project offers a unique opportunity for a select group of students to collaborate in person with DNG engineers and vendors. The entire car-building process serves as an exclusive internship and apprenticeship experience for the participating students, whom we affectionately call DeLorean Dreamers. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support to these students through our extended network, offering everything from scholarships to assistance with living expenses, equipping them with the skills needed to navigate adulthood.

We firmly believe that by revolutionizing students’ exposure to opportunities, we can help them discover their passions, provide nurturing support for their development, and offer pathways to prosperity. Our aim is to redefine success by empowering students to chart their own destinies and contribute meaningfully to society.





Kat DeLorean

Jason Seymour


Jordan Hahn

Julie Livingstone

Joe Capasso

Marc Levy

Toni Schiffer