Kosmic Kamels


Kosmic Kamels is deeply committed to the work it takes to build a radically different future: where all people can live safely and freely in connection and exploration of their ancestral land, shared heritage, spiritual traditions, and inner being and expression.


August 23, 2023


Black Rock City, Nevada, and across the SWANA region

Sustainable Development Goals


Kosmic Kamels is a community of activists, artists, healers, and entrepreneurs – of dreamers and doers from across the Middle East (SWANA). Kosmic Kamels was formed in 2019 by friends from different lands, who share a commitment to building a radically different future, based in healing, joy, and justice.

Their community lacks safe places to gather across SWANA because of borders. It is often dangerous for them to come together and collaborate on boundary-pushing art, advocacy and community building. Yet, they make an effort to meet and expand their community through an annual gathering in the most radical place of all – Burning Man.

  • Every year, Kosmic Kamels hosts 40 participants at their gathering. They aim to have 50% of participants new to the community, to ensure growth and continuity of their expansion.
  • Each year, they increase the level of awareness and participation they provide externally, from political art, to exposing people to stories from Palestine, and facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution.

They measure their impact by:

  • Evidence of the participants sharing individually or on social media.
  • NPS score – do the participants invite and encourage their friends to join the community and the experience the year after.
  • Inbound applicants – do people feel the need to reach out and apply to participate in our program.
  • Initiatives that grow after the participants take part in the program. For example, in the recent years they’ve seen the Arab psychedelic society, the Palestinian local representation at their camp, and the Egyptian local political art scene evolving from their participants.



Mor Sidi – Founder & Operations

Natalie Lyla Ginsberg – Founder & Funding

Basel Shbita – Founder & Operations

Tal Sharabi – Art & Recruiting