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Activism Studio


Our mission is to incubate art that powers change.

Our goals are:

– To prototype keystone campaigns that make a sustainable and regenerative future irresistible.

– To share blueprints and frameworks for creative activism that support emerging and established keystone artists & activists.

– To accelerate collaboration and advocacy for sustainable development work through our cultural advocacy work.

– To build a network of place-based keystone artists and activists ready to co-create locally and scale globally.


October 15, 2022


Canadian Registered Non-Profit

Sustainable Development Goals


Education: We will be creating and offering multimedia frameworks to the public looking to become keystone activists.

Mentorship: We will be offering online and in-person mentorship, connections, and business opportunities with grassroots artists and activists.

Consulting: We will be available to design, fabricate and prototype custom concepts and ideas for mission-aligned for- profits, non-profits, and government entities. Intellectual property remains with the lead artist.

Workshops and Events: We will host talks, workshops, and events so that the community can gather and learn together.

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Benjamin Von Wong (Co-Founder)

Laura Francois (Co-Founder)