Alive-in/ is a movement of grassroots journalists aiming to change the way people in developing and disadvantaged nations are seen. We do this by building the skills of local journalists and providing stipends to uncover inspiring and intriguing stories of people typically unseen in the media.


August 16, 2021


Tigard, OR, USA / Reno, NV, USA / Afghanistan / Berlin Germany

Sustainable Development Goals


The concept for “Alive in” began in 2005 with the groundbreaking Alive in Baghdad project that offered the international community a unique and personal look into the lives of Iraqis, produced by Iraqis themselves. After a number of iterations, the Alive in concept took a hiatus. Now with the launch of Alive in Afghanistan, we are looking to reinvigorate this work, which is still much needed.

Begun on August 16th, the day the Taliban seized Kabul, and launched formally on 9/11/2021, the twenty year anniversary of the September Eleventh attacks, Alive in Afghanistan has already grown to encompass a team of six local reporters in Afghanistan, as well as a Managing Editor, Communications Director, and Executive Director.

In 2022 we intend to grow Alive in Afghanistan into an organization with a small network of Afghan reporters who can cover stories from most of the country, in particular places that are almost never heard from by fellow Afghans much less the world at large. By partnering with well-established media organizations like ProPublica we believe we can increase our visibility and impact, as well as develop revenue streams in addition to donations and subscriber supports. By the end of the year we hope to launch one new pilot, and as we grow that new agency alongside Alive in Afghanistan, we intend to launch 2-3 additional agencies in 2023, and so on each year after, building on the successes of the years before. Based on our current explorations, contacts, and other training projects we see Ethiopia, Yemen, or Libya as likely locations for the next project.





Brian Conley – Co-Founder

JD Mohammad Jawad – Managing Editor

Radi Dahan – Communications and Marketing Director