Alive-in/ is an award-winning movement of grassroots journalists working to change the way people in developing and conflict-affected places are seen through human-centered, public-interest journalism. Based on a model first launched in Iraq in 2005, Alive-in/’s successful proof of concept trains, seeds and supports local journalists to produce under-covered stories on issues of local and global interest.


August 16, 2021


Tigard, OR, USA / Reno, NV, USA / Afghanistan / Berlin Germany

Sustainable Development Goals


Launched as a response to the “live from” approach to reporting, Alive-in/ fills a critical role largely unoccupied in the emerging media sphere:

  • The 24-hour breaking news model exported to developing and disadvantaged nations often exacerbates divisions along ethnic, economic, and linguistic lines.

  • By building the skills of local journalists through on-the-job training, field building and stipends to uncover inspiring and intriguing stories of people typically unseen in the media, Alive-in/ seeks to increase understanding within and across groups nationally, regionally and globally.


Alive-in operates where it is invited. Programs reflect invitations from locals to deliver training, coaching and mentorship and to seed or support local media agencies.


Alive-in/ has active programs in Afghanistan and Sudan, and facilitates coordination, network building and collaboration within and between them. Country programmes are managed by Alive-in/ core team members who work closely with local editors, reporters, translators and administrators. The core team also regularly receives and evaluates requests for new projects and programs from local journalists and media agencies seeking to bring the model to their country. Donations support the core and country teams in continuing current programs and responding to new requests.



Alive-in/Afghanistan was launched on August 15th, 2021 when the Taliban seized Kabul and most of the media collapsed. Since then, Alive-in/Afghanistan has built a monthly audience of between 700,000 – 1 million Afghans and produced more than 260 stories in four local languages from 33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces with a majority female newsroom. Alive-in/ is especially proud of the engagement built between Afghans and the consistently positive discourse which sets its work apart. In recognition of these efforts, Alive-in/ won an award from the Online News Association for medium length feature.



Based on the success of Alive-in/Afghanistan, Alive-in/ secured funding to coordinate the establishment of a similar program in Sudan specialising in corruption issues and other challenges generated by the current unrest across Sudan. Launched in November 2023, Alive-in/Sudan is teaching Alive-in/ techniques of production, storytelling, and distribution to 11 journalists from across Sudan, including 6 women and 5 men representing a variety of professional experiences and ethnic backgrounds.





Brian Conley – Co-Founder

JD Mohammad Jawad – Managing Editor

Radi Dahan – Communications and Marketing Director