Arthur Hicks Tennis Youth Academy


The Arthur Hicks Tennis Youth Academy’s (AHTYA) mission is to provide an affordable, accessible, and engaging tennis experience to the local children of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), ensuring that every child has the opportunity to play tennis, and experience the benefits of the sport. Additionally, we aim to promote a healthy code of physical and mental activity and develop a generation of skilled and devoted youth tennis players.


October 4, 2022


Virgin Gorda Village Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands

Sustainable Development Goals


The Arthur Hicks Tennis Youth Academy offers a variety of programs for the youth of the BVI, teaching children as young as 6 years of age. All of these programs are focused on creating a safe, enjoyable, and productive learning environment to foster on and off the court growth within students. Through these programs, students will learn a combination of various life skills such as self discipline, confidence, sportsmanship, and leadership. We also hope that with the implementation of more advanced future programs, we can create elite tennis players, and give them the opportunity to obtain NCAA scholarships to universities in the United States, or  give students the resources to become tennis coaches.

Furthermore, the AHTYA will provide part-time positions to local young adults interested in working with the programs, giving both valuable work experience and financial support to community members interested in helping with the youth academy.






Kai Abbott – Co-Founder and Project Director

Frank Van Etten – Co-Founder and Project Director

Arthur Hicks – Co-Founder and Project Director