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Beit al Atlas


Building an inclusive, innovative, artistic community space in Beirut, Lebanon. Through an ethos of generosity, Beit al Atlas connects disparate populations across barriers of social, economic, and cultural differences.




Beirut Lebanon

Sustainable Development Goals


Beit al Atlas is a safe space in Beirut, Lebanon committed to addressing societal divisions through community development and access to housing. In Lebanon, sectarian and socioeconomic schisms are deeply entrenched in every aspect of daily life – from medical care to education to marriage. The lack of reliable infrastructure hindered the country’s ability to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the explosion of the Beirut port in August 2020. By creating a culture of generosity, Beit al Atlas connects disparate populations in an inclusive, multilingual, and stable environment. This intercultural home invites participation from all of Lebanon, including the country’s vulnerable Syrian and Palestinian populations, among others.

The space hosts workshops, yoga classes, meditation, mural-painting, musical events, and access to sustainable solutions such as renewable energy and rainwater harvesting. Through these community-building activities, Beit al Atlas fosters a resilient, responsive support network of collaboration.


5 people provided necessary housing following the Beirut port explosion in August 2020.

Welcome 20+ international residents to Beirut throughout 2020 and helped them acclimate.

$1,000 was raised for repairs after the Beirut port explosion of August 2020.

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Bilal Ghalib – Founder and Team Leader
Saleh Saleh – House Manager
Avery Gonzales – Secretary and Grant Writer
Alexandra Talty – Communications Director
Elyssa Skaff – Events Coordinator