Better Earth fosters a deeper culture of empathy, altruism, and collective action by inspiring and empowering individuals and communities to create a better world for present and future generations.


July 1, 2023


Park City, Utah, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


Key Areas:

  • Identifying Levers for Cultural Shifts: We explore various strategies, including public awareness campaigns, social media engagement, and policy interventions to facilitate widespread cultural change.
  • Promoting Education and Awareness: We focus on developing educational programs and resources to raise awareness about pressing global challenges, inspire action, and cultivate empathy.
  • Fostering Collaborative Partnerships: We actively seek partnerships with organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our vision for a better world.

Upcoming 2024 Initiatives:

  1. White Paper on Shifting Culture, Catalyzing Change: An in-depth exploration of the key mechanisms and pathways towards achieving a tipping point in societal attitudes and behaviors, paving the way for a deeper culture of empathy and altruism.
  2. Hope House at Climate Week NYC: A series of wellness-focused events aimed at fostering optimism, action, and community engagement. Hope House at Climate Week will lead honest conversations with activists, advocates, and organizations. We inspire positive change and collective action through round-table discussions, meditative sessions, and social gatherings.
  3. Hope House at COP29 in Baku, Azerbaijan: Providing thought leaders and change-makers with a space for collaboration and dialogue during COP29. Grounded in optimism and community-building, this event series aims to catalyze impactful solutions to global challenges.




Charly Frisk – [email protected]

Kylie Wellington – Bookkeeper

Berhard Kirchner – Strategic Advisor