Graduated November 2023



BitBasel is quickly becoming a global leader in the Blockchain and Metaverse Space through innovative technology and edutainment offerings for multi generational audiences.

During Miami Art Week 2022, BitBasel is committed to selling $17 million+ worth of artwork through the BitBasel NFT MARKETPLACE with partial proceeds dedicated to fund STEM education efforts across Miami-Dade County for underrepresented youth.


August 8, 2022


Miami, FL, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


BitBasel is launching a Global Call to Action Challenge which allows artists to submit their work that represents innovative technology while showcasing their impact in selected categories.

BitBasel is a proud supporter of the 17 (UN SDG’s) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( Each artist can use the SDG’s as their framework but is welcome to use their own personal innovation as they deem fit while representing an impactful solution to today’s critical issues.

BitBasel will announce our winner November 1st 2022 and will showcase their work at a gallery auction during Miami Art Week. Proceeds will go to Miami Edtech to create Crypto Art programs in Miami Dade Schools.





Alexandra Akira – Executive Producer

Mariya Leyshako – Head of Marketing & Education

Scarlett Arana – Head of Education