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Blessings of the Forest C.I.C.


Our goal is to preserve, research and share the natural and cultural heritage of the people of Gabon, for the benefit of all. We are dedicated to ensuring that this is done fairly and sustainably, thereby protecting the rich resources of the Gabonese forest as well as promoting the way of life of the Gabonese forest peoples.





Sustainable Development Goals


Blessings of the Forest is a Community Interest Company – C.I.C. (Company n°: 9816364), based in the UK linked to an NGO in Gabon of the same name. It was created for the conservation, research, equitable and sustainable development of the natural heritage/culture of the Gabonese people.

We help in structuring and training village communities in sustainable agroforestry projects and other healthy activities that enrich the lives of the people of Gabon.

As protectors of Gabonese people and forests, we are Lobbying Gabonese authorities and administrations, aiming at the establishment of a legal, fair and sustainable value chain of forest products.

We serve as an international watchdog, awareness, and publicity (articles, documentary films, conferences, TV/radio programs, website, discussion groups, info line).

National partnerships with NGOs such as “Ebando” (cultural promotion & fair eco-tourism) or “Conservation Justice” (fighting against wildlife and flora trafficking & development of economic alternatives to poaching).

Partner with Gabonese Government: Ministry of Water and Forests (implementation of the Nagoya Protocol*) raising of awareness and maintenance of a state of knowledge about the importance of this.
* The Nagoya Protocol is an internationally recognized legal status, protecting specifically the plant Tabernanthe Iboga in Gabon and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of this plant, in particular, vis-à-vis the indigenous peoples traditionally linked to these heritages.

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Yann Guignon (CEO – Administrative & Global Strategic Coordinator)
David Nassim (Co-Director – Funding Manager & Executive Adviser)
Aristide Nguema (Executive Director BOTF Gabon)
George Gassita (Legal and Administrative Manager BOTF Gabon)
Rudy Declercq (Accounting Manager BOTF Gabon)