We envision a world where all people have an equal opportunity to have a meaningful life, and to develop their skills and contribute to sustainable, values-driven social and economic development. Our goal is to unlock human potential towards positive change by supporting social entrepreneurs in challenged areas.


October 1, 2022


Based in Beirut Lebanon, work internationally

Sustainable Development Goals


We run social entrepreneurship programs and build software to run them at scale with higher quality and deeper impact.

We see entrepreneurship in two lenses:

  1. Helping launch and grow enterprises that solve problems, address market gaps, and create new opportunities.
  2. As a powerful tool and pedagogy that helps people develop critical skills and character strengths that help individuals, teams, communities and countries flourish.

Our Bloom methods, platform, and programs do both, contributing to economic growth and positive social development in a sustained and high-impact way. Our core focus on capacity building for both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship support organizations also helps build more sustainable and scalable impact.

We use 4 pillars of assessments:

1) The wellbeing assessment from the school of positive psychology: PERMAH

2) The assessment for Character Strengths

3) The Universal Skills assessment for 21st century skills

4) The ECAT – Enterprise Capacity Assessment Test.

We use these four assessments to identify development areas early on in our programs and also at the end in our quantified learning programs. We also follow up with forms around our impact areas (jobs growth, for instance) and measure qualitative feedback after each session with feedback forms.





David Munir Nabti – Cofounder – GM/CEO

Bilal Ghalib – Cofounder Research & Growth Team

Tiffany Chelala – Mentor Manager

Mohammed Abdulbary – Developer

Mujtaba Al-Tameemi – Developer

Maytham Alebrahimi – Developer

Rodrigue Kortmossian – Finance

Habib Tawk – Program Manager

Sarah Abi Abdallah – Program Manager

Dara Mouracade – Program Manager

Carol Awad – Program Manager

Elie Margi – Community and Communications

Stephanie Shaar – Community and Communications

Nour Saliba – Communications

Richard Sanyour – M&E

Christelle Fakhoury – Ops

Avery Gonzales – Librarian

Claude Krait – Librarian

Jana Haounji – HR

Bana Ghandour – Social Media