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Corridor plants fast-growing forests you can touch in order to bring forests back to life where they are needed most.

We target reforesting areas that lack nature like cities as well as degraded landscapes.


February 6, 2023


Worldwide with a focus on reforesting within our neighboring US cities

Sustainable Development Goals


Tatiana, Ethan and I work passionately everyday to grow our business and in just 2 months we have been able to secure 34 forests ready for funding in 7 countries; line up intro calls with Apple, Microsoft, MGM, Bank of America, Walmart, John Deere, Boeing and PwC; incorporate our nonprofit, launch our website and inspire world renown climate guru and NY Times bestselling author Paul Hawken as well as the founder of Eden Reforestation with 1 billion trees planted Steve Fitch to join us as advisors.

We are dedicated to reforest where needed most – from the hearts of our most polluted cities and reservations to degraded agricultural land and superfund sites. Each forest takes 2 to 3 years to be self-sufficient with no more maintenance needed.

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  • Tatiana Grossman [tatiana@corridorforests.com], Co-founder and Co-CEO – Stanford and Meta
  • Ethan Bryson [ethan@naturalurbanforests.com], Chief Reforestation Officer – Natural Urban Forests with 17 Miyawaki forests already planted
  • Steve Fitch, Advisor – Founder of Eden Reforestation with 1 Billion Trees Planted
  • Paul Hawken, Mentor & Advisor – Climate Guru & NY Times Bestselling Author of Regeneration and Drawdown