Graduated June 2021

Crowdfund Better Community Programs


To fund projects that represent the needs of communities through new community capital tools such as crowdfunding, and to expand access to low or no cost crowdfunding education and training, as well as support and empower under-resourced individuals and communities. When you change the funders, you change who gets funded. Through new community capital tools such as crowdfunding, capital has the ability to flow more freely to projects that represent the needs of their communities.




United States

Sustainable Development Goals


Crowdfund Better Community Programs fill the gap that exists in crowdfunding education and training by providing low or no cost crowdfunding education, training, and support to those who struggle to access capital through traditional finance.

The initiative is particularly focused on women, minority, and rural entrepreneurs and is carried out in partnership with organizations that already work on the ground with these individuals.

Our civic programs weave community-building and leadership training into crowdfunding education. Crowdfund Better Community Programs focuses on building skills and relationships that foster business and community resilience long after our training concludes.

Why is Crowdfund Better so important?
Access to crowdfunding education is currently limited to those that have the financial resources to fund their own training. As a result, the individuals and communities that could benefit most from using these new democratized capital-raising tools have the least access to the knowledge and skills to be successful. Our small business programs are focused on providing crowdfunding education and training to micro-businesses and startups who represent 90% of small businesses, yet receive the smallest slice of traditional funding.



1st in-the-US crowdfunding program providing free crowdfunding education to Idaho.


1st online Spanish-language crowdfunding training in the U.S.


90% of program participants are women, minority, or rural entrepreneurs.



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Kathleen Minogue, Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Better
Scott Madsen, Director of Relationships & Marketing, Crowdfund Better
Sayrd Iverson, Programs Director, Crowdfund Better