Global Coralition


Accelerating marine ecosystem regeneration across the 50 reef sites using a powerful combination of art, science and community.

Our specific goals are marine protection, increasing coral reef biomass, biodiversity, mangrove restoration, education and employment opportunity in conservation, ecotourism development and climate resilience for local island communities.


January 1, 2020


Incorporated in California, USA, Operating in Dominican Republic

Sustainable Development Goals


We arrive to one of the 50 reef sites identified by the Ocean Agency as an optimum portfolio of reefs to conserve. Currently we have launched projects in Thailand, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

We partner with local NGOs and community leaders.

We build a large-scale culturally impactful sculpture, deployed into the sea to become an ecotourism, education and restoration site – raising nationwide awareness and catalyzing key local partnerships.

We marine protect the area legally and with an enforcement team – led primarily by local NGO partners.

We employ local fishermen in mangrove restoration and into our coral conservation programs to offset their loss of income.

We deploy a land-based coral farm and education center with our international aquaculture partners – these systems are modular and scalable and can grow coral 50x faster than in nature. We design each farm with local leaders to become self sustainable within two years through ecotourism revenue. Phase 1 of the farm is micro-fragmentation and gene banking. Phase 2 is larval propagation and phase 3 is biopharmaceutical research and scaling up tanks.

Each project is site specific, locally led, and a holistic and human centric approach to marine ecosystem regeneration, empowering and inspiring the community while creating key incentives to increase livelihood opportunities in marine conservation. We aim to reach 15/50 sites with our own team and open source this model to be replicated in other marine regions. We have discovered that our work on the ground of building partnerships with a holistic approach to improving marine health can lead to bio-locating with other marine solutions such as algae farming for biofuel and water treatment technology.

We work closely with indigenous and marginalized communities throughout many steps of the journey including developing the concepts of the underwater gardens. We also work with many local stakeholders: fishermen, youth, divers, surfers, expats, tourists, and government officials. We aim to develop a docuseries to capture and share the story of each region as well as a web3 project to launch a digital community and platform for experience and generating more support.





Angeline Chen – Project Development, Partnerships

Kyle Block – Creative Director, Sculpture Project Lead

Sculpture Build Team (Project based – international/local artists)

Aquaculture partners: Reef Institute, Coral Morphologic, Plant a Million Corals

They come on site and train our local team

Dominican Republic Team

Uynghiem Ngo – Coral Farm Project Lead

Manuel Rodriguez – Local Ecologist, Ministry of Environment Representative

manages marine protection + mangrove restoration

Chepe Pauhana – Local Surf Foundation Partner

1 Marine biologist phD and 1 aquaculturists coming on site to lead the farm