Graduated October 2021

Heart Beat


​​To create awareness about the power and value of music beyond entertainment and demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of music/sound at a cellular level. Previously unknown, sound healing modalities can help speed up the healing process of ailments ranging from tumors to Parkinson’s, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more. Through our groundbreaking documentary, this information will be presented to the public, potentially for the first time, raising awareness about the importance of these types of alternative treatments. The Heart Beat documentary includes patients that benefited from these types of therapies and experts who are pioneering research in this field. We aim to educate the masses about these modalities and in the near future create healing centers that offer a place to those who may not have had access previously.




Los Angeles, UK, and potentially world wide.

Sustainable Development Goals


Through the research of sound healing modalities, we are compiling evidence of the power of music to heal at a cellular level. To make this research compelling we are putting together an amazing team of expert doctors, musicians, and sound healers.

Our groundbreaking documentary Heart Beat reveals the incredible research that’s been collected by Michael Boidy. Michael Boidy, the director, cinematographer, and Ted X speaker experienced the healing power of music first hand, after recovering from a broken back and head injury from a horrific helicopter crash.

We are 10 years of hard work into our documentary film Heart Beat and we are determined to finish our film and share the fruits of our journey with our already growing community of fans centered around music and sound as a form of therapy and healing.



50+ interviews filmed for the development of Heart Beat.


10 years of research into the healing properties of sound.


1 podcast series called Heart Beats.



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Michael Boidy Executive Producer, Creator/Director (Heart Beat, llc)

Sergio Miranda Executive Producer / Editor (SerrilMedia)

Carol Acutt Carimi Executive Producer / Co-Director (Safari Films)

Figs Jackman Executive Producer (Springfilms)

Andre Singer Executive Producer (Springfilms)