HU Bioarchitecture


To advance global transformation by bringing humanity back into symbiosis with nature, self, and others, through holistic practices, ancient/future wisdom, and innovative design.




Sustainable Development Goals


Hu Bioarchitecture Prototype Project is a program to pilot the Hu building system. The complete HU system we will make available by application once we finish the first prototype in 2022. Hu System is the first project bringing together Bioceramic concrete (a material that lasts for 500 years), pneumatic formwork, basalt rebar, along with proprietary engineering technologies to create the first Bioarchitecture that is informed by nature but esthetically beautiful on all levels. We plan to advise 3-4 projects per year. We will select the communities that have a strong reciprocity element (ie giving 25-33 percent of profits back to local indigenous, conservation or cultural preservation related projects), regenerative masterplan for the land including regenerative agriculture and holistic business practices. The purpose of fundraising for the first prototype is cover specifically the unusual costs related to prototyping a novel building technology. Due to the experimental nature of this project we will pilot the project at Hu Azores where we will be allowed to collect data from user experience to public data and white papers on the technology. The IP that is created that is the system of bioarchiture and data collecting onsite with the first prototype will be open source, those selected by application will receive the advisement at no charge. Hu Bioarchiture Prototyping plans in the future to experiment with other forms of bioarchitecture technologies such as 3D printing and rammed earth. All donations directly benefit the Hu Technology Prototype and the research into its efficacy. The purpose is to make cutting edge ecological and beautiful architecture more accessible to all.




Structures last 500 years and reduces stress in the nervous system to promote creativity.


Achieves bioarchitecture with beauty and design.


Brought the Zulu tribe to Burningman in 2019 to raise awareness and scope.



Tricia Eastman – [email protected]