Graduated June 2023

North Star Initiative


In Kenya, the food crisis has reached famine-like proportions. North Star aims to regenerate landscapes and combat climate change while also training poor communities on how to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurship and regenerative agriculture. Through doing this we will eliminate poverty, reduce social and gender-based tensions, and ensure that children in the areas we work will have quality education and never go hungry.



Sustainable Development Goals


The North Star Initiative has entered into a public private partnership in agriculture with the Kenya Water Tower Agency, the Water Resources Users Association, and the Brain Youth Group. This collaboration will obtain sustainable growth in crop
production through efficient farming, grazing, land regeneration and water management to support 150 small scale farmers during a five-year period to attain sustainable crop growth to feed at least 20,000 households in a train the trainer regenerative agriculture program.

Through the deployment of a training center we will create and train others in efficient farming, grazing, and land / water management for permanent and sustainable crop production. North Star Initiative’s training center will enable us to:
Train farmers in five different communities to set up crop-based enterprises using irrigation and dryland techniques.
To raise incomes for regenerative agriculture by 100% and support 20,000 households within 5 years.
To provide skills to community leaders of Mombasa County, Kenya in the use of land and related natural resources for economic development.
Implement training to promote controlled and legal water use activities, good water management practices, the safeguarding of environmental flows for downstream ecological demands and basic human needs, the reduction of water use conflicts, and catchment conservation measures to improve water quantity and quality.
In collaboration with the Kenya Water Towers Agency, the NSI will assist in the coordination and sustainable management of water towers to provide a pivotal framework for the long term sustainable conservation and management of critical natural resources.
In collaboration with Brain Youth Group (BYG) the NSI seeks to develop alternative businesses to extend employment, income and poverty alleviation in Mombasa County, Kenya.



200 people provided clean water.


100,000 mangrove trees planted in Mombasa, Kenya regenerating a cut down forest.


50 people trained in regenerative agriculture over 2 months (just getting started).



Haydn Kruger Bauer, Founder and CEO