Partners for Peace and Development


Partners for Peace is committed to serving their community by supporting and encouraging peace and development initiatives across Jonglei State and beyond. The project is geared toward empowering vulnerable women by building their entrepreneurial capacities and encouraging collaboration with one another. Partners for Peace conducts trainings for local women to more effectively sell their local products.




Duk County of Jonglei State in South Sudan. Bor County of Jonglei State

Sustainable Development Goals


Our program focuses on training the local businesswomen of Bor, South Sudan in entrepreneurship skills. This training will include how to write a business proposal, how to raise funds for a business, and business management. Our targets are the most vulnerable women, widows, and women with disabilities, who are running a local business.

Project Objective
To empower vulnerable women with business skills.
To build the capacities of women on how to run their local businesses successfully.
To promote the relationship among themselves.
To encourage them to continue running their business despite other challenges.

Programs include:
Entrepreneurship training for women.
Community Peace Conferences.
Workshops on Sexual Gender-Based Violence (GBV).
Peer-to-peer radio talk shows on Gender-Based Violence twice a month.




11 community leaders trained in Bor, Twic East, and Duk Counties on Gender-Based Violence issues within Jonglei State.


12 talk shows on COVID, peacebuilding, GBV, human rights, hate speech, women empowerment, and technical skills.


8 Public Service Announcements on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.



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  • The Finance Officer Mr Magai Mawut is a University graduate with all the skills, knowledge Logistics and Procurement Officer is up to his duties to contribute to the implementation project. The contribution that will be contributed will be to the tune of 20% of the total period and with experience that extends to eight years of professional practice in the field of finance and economic planning. This young man; full of energy will be handling and reporting on the finances related to this project. As an organization, we are optimistic that any finances or any forms of in-kind contribution towards this project will be in safe hands in terms of accountability forecasting.
  • Project Officer Akuot Tabby is one lady whom we have treasured and entrusted to make follow-ups on all our projects including this project. As an institution, this young lady will be an added value to the gender-based violence project which where we are hopeful that this project is supported by Far Away Projects. She is an experienced project officer who is known at both the very communities and state levels on campaigning against gender-based violence in the communities. She is a graduate with a Bachelor of Law from the University of Nairobi.
  • Project Manager Mr Michael Ghai Tong is the Acting Executive Director of Partners for Peace and Development; experienced individuals who served from both public and private sectors within South Sudan. He has the experience to direct the project in the right way.
  • Peace and Conflict Experts: PPD will hire an expert who has experience in conflicts and reconciliation consultancy firm. He/she must be academically qualified with the knowledge of the local context. An expert will be hired from Sudd Institute in Juba.