Graduated December 2021

Project Vesta


Project Vesta’s mission is to further the science of enhanced coastal weathering and to galvanize a global action to use this new technology to remove the totality of humanity’s past, present, and future CO2 emissions.


April 2019



Sustainable Development Goals


Project Vesta’s approach dramatically accelerates the carbonate-silicate cycle, an ancient natural process.

We deploy an abundant volcanic mineral, olivine, on coastal areas. There, wave action speeds up the carbon dioxide capture process while de-acidifying the ocean.

Thirty years of scientific research has demonstrated that this works and has provided strong evidence that it is a highly affordable and scalable solution.

With our first pilot experiments, we are testing the effect of incrementally adding olivine to an existing beach ecosystem to quantify the effect the reaction has on both the acidity of the water and on the organisms in it. With this pilot demonstration beach, we are conducting the first-ever natural setting study of an artificially-created olivine beach.



Based on 30 years of research we estimate we can remove 100 tonnes of co2 per 100 tonnes of olivine spread in coastal areas.


Created the first-ever out-of-lab experiment for coastal carbon capture.


Raised over $1.6 million dollars for important research that could lead to a viable solution to global warming.