ProNara Conservation


Our mission is to protect and preserve the unique and biodiverse rainforests of Costa Rica, including Cerro Nara, for current and future generations. We are committed to creating sustainable and responsible practices that support the local communities living within and adjacent to the rainforest, while also ensuring the protection of the delicate ecosystem and its inhabitants. Through education, advocacy, and conservation efforts, we aim to inspire and empower others to join us in the fight to protect these vital habitats and ensure a sustainable future for all.


January 20, 2006


San Francisco California / Cerro Nara Costa Rica

Sustainable Development Goals


Our organization is committed to protecting and preserving the unique and biodiverse rainforests of Costa Rica, with a particular focus on Cerro Nara. To achieve our vision and goals, we have developed a number of programs and initiatives that are designed to support the local communities, protect the rainforest, and promote sustainable practices.

  1. Land acquisition: One of the key initiatives of our organization is to purchase land within the rainforest to establish new protected areas. This helps to prevent deforestation and development, and ensures that the delicate ecosystem is preserved for future generations.
  2. Conservation and restoration: We work to protect the biodiversity of the rainforest through conservation efforts such as habitat restoration, reforestation, and wildlife monitoring. Our team of experts works closely with local communities to identify the most effective conservation strategies.
  3. Education and outreach: We believe that education is a key component of any successful conservation effort. Our organization provides educational programs for local schools and communities, as well as outreach efforts to raise awareness about the importance of rainforest conservation.
  4. Sustainable development: We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in the local communities. This includes supporting eco-tourism initiatives, encouraging sustainable agriculture and farming practices, and promoting responsible land use.
  5. Advocacy and policy: Our organization is dedicated to advocating for rainforest conservation at the local, national, and international level. We work closely with policymakers and government agencies to promote policies and regulations that protect the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Overall, our organization is committed to a holistic approach to rainforest conservation, one that takes into account the needs of the local communities, the biodiversity of the ecosystem, and the economic and environmental sustainability of the region. By combining land acquisition, conservation and restoration, education and outreach, sustainable development, and advocacy and policy initiatives, we are working to protect the rainforest and ensure its future for generations to come.





Gregory Castellanos ([email protected]) – Project Lead

Bob Buckter (email) – FA Sponsee – Cofounder – 30+ year conservationist owner Rainforest Lodge

Stessa Thompson- Fundraising Consultant part owner Posada Natura

Bobby Buckter Jr. ([email protected]) – On the ground conservation/reforestation

Richard Hillear – Owner Aloki Resort/ President of ProNara Association CR