Radiate Life


Radiate Life is a registered non-profit international charity that will contribute to the efforts of rebuilding Ukraine by empowering women affected by the war to restore their lives.


October 1, 2023



Sustainable Development Goals


Radiate Life will set up and manage a network of support centers across Ukraine (Radiate Life centers). They plan to launch a pilot project in two or three regions of Ukraine, with the potential for scaling up if successful. In all cases, Radiate Life will engage various local organizations (trustworthy NGOs with strong capacity and proven track records) that will offer services to the clients in line with Radiate Life’s mission statement and the statement of activities. At Radiate Life centers, they will employ a holistic approach and a ‘one-stop-shop’ principle to offer comprehensive assistance in a single location to single mothers, women from vulnerable groups, their children, and dependents. They will invest in Ukrainian women by giving them tools to restore their communities and make them confident, self-reliant, and financially independent.

Radiate Life Centers will provide women with:

  1. Access to better health and nutrition. Good Baskets will provide a food security stream that offers monthly essential and accessible food items from Ukrainian farmers for clients and their children to maintain healthy nutrition and a balanced diet.
  2. Access to economic development and freedom. Comprehensive employment support for women includes skills development, job qualification, recruitment supervision, and access to the exclusively developed digital HR marketplace RadiateLife.work App.
  3. Access to education and leadership empowerment. Women entrepreneurship and leadership stream will provide opportunities for start-up social enterprises, community activism, and social issues advocacy.
  4. Access to coherent community integration and better mental health. Community public meeting spaces stream will provide a safe space for meetings and workshops on maternity, physical and mental recovery, mindfulness, cultural events, and more.
  5. Access to safe children’s spaces. Children’s development stream will provide opportunities for child minding, child care, and, most importantly, digital learning.
  6. Access to comprehensive service provision from local partner organizations in one place (legal support, psychological rehabilitation, housing, etc.).




2108 N ST, STE N
P: +1 (650) 262-1858


Anastasiia Dieieva – Founder & CEO
Alice Yagolnitser – Board Treasurer & CFO
Ira Nikolenko – Board Secretary & Program Director
Marina Bulatskaya – Business Development Manager (Good Basket), nutrition expert
Sophia Papirnyk – HR partner
Sophia Cryshtal – fundraise and financial grant management expert
Otari Aratunyan – CIO (Radiatelife.work App)
Thomas Wrobel – legal counselor (contract)
Oksana Sobol – Training managerEka Zguladze-Glucksman – Strategic Advisor
Igor Konstantinovsky – Impact Advisor
Mandy Waldenstrom – Psychological & Trauma Advisor
Olga Trofimtseva – Business Relationship Advisor