SINA Loketa (SINAL) was formed in Yumbe District West Nile Sub-region of Northern Uganda in 2018 and legally registered with the Uganda National NGO Bureau to operate country-wide. SINAL is committed to working with disadvantaged communities to become self-reliant and create businesses with social and environmental benefits through entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, ICT, digital Inclusion, and Creative Arts. Our CORE VALUES are: T – Team Spirit and Transparency E – Excellency A – Accountability C – Care full H – Honesty E – Efficiency. R – Respect S – Services




Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Sustainable Development Goals


We have 5 main programs:
• Entrepreneurship
New scholars are guided through a personal and professional transformation based on project-based learning, where they learn through the development of actual projects, and hands-on experimentation, where they take organizational roles and responsibilities as part of learning through actual job placement.

• ICT/Digital Inclusion
We teach underserved refugees populations computer skills such as:
Using computers, smartphones, and tablets.
Writing personal/business letters.
Searching for information on the internet.
Sending Emails.
Preparing a presentation.
Exploring and applying for online opportunities.

• Environment Management
SINAL is a sustainable ecosystem trying to achieve a positive carbon footprint. This program covers sustainable gardening, upcycling, energy-efficient cooking, environmental protection, tree planting, and reduced waste.

• Life Skilling
This program is promoting micro-enterprise development and income generation activities for women and girls who build on their potential to take charge of their own lives and ambitions.

• Peace Building
A program fostering peaceful coexistence among refugees and host communities by promoting participatory community-based management of Peace Clubs, build a strong community of youth leaders, and creating a culture of inspiration and open-mindedness in northern Uganda.



250 Jobs created in disadvantaged communities.


100 refugee students accessing e-learning remotely.


3 tons of plastic waste recycled in the last 2 years.



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  • Sylvain Asifiwe Himbana – Executive Director & Fundraiser
  • Mawa Zakaria – Programme Manager & Trainer
  • Peter Lumude – Operation Manager & Mentor
  • Aluonzi Victor – ICT Manager & Virtual Designer
  • Merry Nadia – Finance Admin & Trainer