Sudan Art and Design Library


Through the creation of a mobile library to carry art and design resources, we will be able to service the underserved neighborhoods of Sudan. The Sudan Art and Design Library is here to collect, preserve and uplift the cultural legacy of Sudan while nurturing the art and cultural capacity of Sudanese people. The highest value driving this project is the power of art to lift a-people and provide them with a window to the world. To that end, making references and facilities to create new art available to the public is imperative. Making these freely and widely available will reinforce the values of tolerance, civic participation, and democratic engagement. We trust that the promotion of these values will act in a virtuous cycle to bolster the foundations of the new Sudan.





Sustainable Development Goals


The collections and services of the Sudan Art and Design Library will be designed to meet the needs of our community, preserve the cultural history of Sudan, nurture future art and cultural production through a variety of different programs.

The Sudan Art and Design Library is envisioned as a hub for all ages, a place to learn, gather and communicate. The primary objective of the project is the creation of a public art and design resource for Sudan. The library will collect and give the public free and open access to art objects, books, and media from both Sudan and abroad. These materials will be made available to users of the library both at the permanent location, digitally, and through a mobile library.

The initial scope will be limited to the collection and dissemination of media related to the arts and design. Initially, we will build a mobile library to take a subset of the collection to underserved areas and provide access to films and music as well.
However, the intention is to have the scope to broaden over time to include research, collection of art objects, and general promotion of the arts.

We are a space where the Sudanese youth could discover their creative capabilities and learn from books from all around the world. A spot for storytimes as well as a corner for the elderly to reminisce about the good old times.




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  • Mohamed Elhassan – Project Manager
  • Azza Yousif Ibnoaf – Auditor
  • Moutaman Kamal – Webmaster
  • Khalid Albaih – Project Founder
  • Heba Bella – Architect
  • Elkhair Balla – Finance
  • Israa Abbas – Consulting Librarian
  • Qusai Akoud – Marketing/Strategy