Sundial Foundation


Sundial Foundation is a venture philanthropy fund aimed at closing the funding gaps for female and BIPOC social entrepreneurs. Mission is to tackle the root causes of the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges by igniting a more diverse landscape of entrepreneurs and change makers.




United States

Sustainable Development Goals


Sundial was formed on August 19, 2020 for exclusively charitable and educational purposes, including the strategic redeployment of resources to act as a catalyst for the benefit of individuals, foundations, youth organizations, and other entities that work to promote equity, fairness, and sustainability. The Organization believes that Empowering Diversity of business leaders will unlock systemic change that strengthens and broadens environmental stewardship and increases economic opportunity. In order to achieve its goal, the Organization will connect business leaders and  founders that have a mission tied to a. Maximizing human potential through  economic opportunity, b. Responsible environmental stewardship, and/or c.  empowering diverse business leaders with resources and guidance on how to maximize their impact and shift paradigms.” We invest our in underdog entrepreneurs. Core Values Sundial believes in 7 core values. These values guide every aspect of our operation – from how we work to who we work with and what we seek to accomplish. Equity is a fundamental human right and it’s not where it needs to be Education is an engine for societal improvement Economic Opportunity is a means to maximizing human potential Environmental Stewardship is a universal imperative Engaging Globally shifts paradigms and breeds breakthrough business innovation Empowering Diversity of business leaders will unlock systemic change Enjoyment and fulfillment from work underpins success




In order to achieve our objectives, Sundial Foundation will develop organic inbound deal flow of 1,000 companies per year.


Achieve top quartile returns between 15% - 27% ARR in 6 years. Position Sundial Foundation as a top tier venture philanthropy organization in the impact and VC ecosystems.


Develop steady inbound philanthropic donors, achieving over $2.5M in donor dollars under management in 2 years, and continue to scale donation volume to $100M in 10 years.



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  • Frank Blank – Founder
  • Tim West – Co-founder / Executive Director
  • Jessica Greenwalt – Co-founder / Board
  • Jennifer Hebets – Co-founder
  • Jay Onda – Co-founder / Operations
  • Brooks Harris – General Council