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The Ocean Defenders


The Ocean Defenders is an ocean literacy and environmental news platform, packaged in a fun digestible animated series for kids aged 6 and up. Our comic strips represent real-life ocean conservationists, watersports athletes, and ecological issues with the use of real-life solutions.




USA, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia

Sustainable Development Goals


You are water, You are an Ocean Defender. Awaken that power inside of you, for the ocean is calling and it’s time to answer the call! The Ocean Defenders Ocean Action Comics aids in spreading awareness and marshaling change to save 30% of the worlds’ oceans by 2030.

Ocean Defenders does this by creating customized Ocean Defenders characters in our multimedia platform including NFT’s. To date, we have produced 7 ocean defender characters, 4 adventure strips/stories, and a Trading Card Game. We have been publicized in a few ocean conservation events around the world including ADEX – Asia Dive Expo, Ultramarine Summit & The Ocean Planet Conference. Our platform also gives livelihood to a pool of artists from the Philippines, a 3rd world country, where the art industry is struggling and not thriving.

Our fundraising goal is to produce 12 new ocean defender characters, 12 new ocean adventure stories and compile them in a volume as seeded content for the next 3 – 6 months. With this, we will be able to establish our community, our following, and be available to a wider variety of audiences through selected educational, art, graphic, publishing, and comic platforms.

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