Z Empowerment Foundation


The goal of this project is to provide accessible and inclusive online education opportunities for millions of Afghan girls and women who are restricted from attending school or working under Taliban rule.


January 10, 2023


Vancouver BC Canada, Kabul Afghanistan

Sustainable Development Goals


By leveraging technology, this program connects Afghan girls with experienced women teachers to ensure continuity in their education. Through an innovative app, we have successfully established a network of over 1500 students and hundreds of qualified teachers who were previously teaching in schools. This project allows girls to continue their studies from the safety of their homes and enables teachers to continue their teaching responsibilities remotely. We are aiming to reach hundreds of thousand to millions of girls through our educational program.

  1. Online Learning Platform: We have developed a dedicated online learning App and platform that allows girls to access educational materials, participate in virtual classrooms, and engage with teachers.
  2. Teacher-Student Connectivity: We connect experienced women teachers with students through our online platform, fostering ongoing communication and personalized instruction.
  3. Skill Development and Remote Work: In addition to traditional academic subjects, our program includes skill development courses to enhance students’ employability. We provide online practical skills, such as computer programming courses, graphic design and more. We aim to create opportunities for remote work and economic empowerment.
  4. Addressing Economic Challenges: We recognize that economic constraints contribute to educational barriers and child marriage in Afghanistan. Therefore, we seek to address this issue by promoting remote work opportunities and connecting girls with international companies and organizations that offer remote employment options. By enabling girls to earn income and support their families, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and reduce reliance on child marriage in Afghanistan.
  5. Addressing the psychological impact of the school ban: The denial of education and the loss of hope can have severe psychological consequences on young girls. The inability to pursue their educational aspirations and the restrictions imposed on their personal and professional growth can lead to feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and despair. By reconnecting girls with education, we strive to implant a sense of purpose, empowerment, and hope. Additionally, our platform incorporates counseling and mentorship elements to offer emotional support and guidance to students who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or other related issues.


Monitoring and Evaluation: We monitor, evaluate, and implement mechanisms to assess the impact of our activities. We do this through quantitative measures such as enrollment rates, academic performance, and completion rates, as well as qualitative feedback gathered through surveys and interviews. We are continuously evaluating the effectiveness of our program and making necessary improvements.

Collaboration and Funding: We are actively seeking partnerships with local and international organizations, schools and universities to support us with providing the educational materials. We issue high school and university equivalency certificates to expand the reach and impact of our program. Additionally, we require financial support to provide internet access to students and teachers, enhance our hosting service, and create a support team. This collaboration and funding enables us to provide a sustainable and scalable solution for Afghan girls’ education.






Aref Mobarez – Maktabe ma App Project manager, developer

Email: [email protected]

Jahed Mobarez -Executive Director of ZEF

Zainab Mazari – Advisor at ZEF

Safar- Ali. Hanif – ZEF’s Co-Founder & Advisor

Sedeqa Mobarez – Co-Founder & Board Monitoring, Evaluation Director ZEF

Vivian Lin – Board of directors at ZEF

Hashmat Mirzai – Kabul office

Mohammad Kazemi – Kabul office

Reza Karimi – Kabul office

+Over tens and hundreds of volunteers from B.C Computers and etc