Sacred Ohms


Sacred Ohms is a membership community and integrated booking platform that revolutionizes the wellness experience by seamlessly connecting retreat leaders to energetically aligned properties to host their retreats.

Our values include inclusivity, the promotion of personal well-being, cultural and biodiversity preservation, and environmental stewardship. We are inspired by our indigenous ancestors who came before us, as we celebrate the importance of living in harmony with nature to honor the interconnectedness of all beings and to protect our precious natural resources for future generations to come.

The Sacred Ohms community is deeply committed to fostering sustainability and community with our member retreat leaders and properties around the globe.


October 11, 2023


Based in Boca Raton, FL, USA. Global operations.

Sustainable Development Goals



We believe in creating a regenerative relationship between the retreat attendees and the community and land where retreats are being facilitated. Our partnership with Faraway Projects supports our Community + Sustainability Programme, which elevates our commitment to these ends.


Not only do we work to support and connect retreat leaders with local non-profits, but we also offer a tax-deductible crowdfunding service for the retreat leaders and their retreat participants to maximize the donations for their community service. We found that some of the most impactful retreats include at least one aspect of community service. Combining a fundraising campaign and an act of in-person community service enhances the overall retreat experience while giving back to the land for which we are grateful to receive its blessings.


We created 11 sustainability metrics that we track for every retreat property that becomes a member of our platform. By setting sustainability standards and gathering data on our community, we will assess where education and support are most needed. We will expand resources and support to help our member properties around the world become more sustainable.


100% of the donations to this programme are tax deductible and can be facilitated from your charitable vehicle. For donations less than $5,000, please process through this page. For donations over $5,000, please reach out to [email protected]. 100% of this programme is donor-funded. Please consider supporting our mission today!





Christopher Mackin – Founder

Chelsey Pierce – Founder, Head of Retreat Leaders

Peter Darrow – Head of Business Development & Operations

Frances Nuar – Advisor, Head of Ohms

Lauren Willmington – Head of Community + Sustainability

Nancy DeMaria – Integrator

Harry Blake – Relationship Architect

Gaby Rodriguez – Relationship Architect

Angélica Ruiz Gatica – Relationship Architect

Jennifer Poemer – Marketing Maven

Jourdan Bieler – Designer