The Longest Trip


This Independent Feature Documentary explores the themes of perseverance in the face of extreme adversity, and raises awareness about mental health, psychedelics and ocean conservation through a first-hand, intimate account of one man’s daring and uplifting journey.


June 2023



Sustainable Development Goals


The Longest Trip, is a documentary film featuring Tez Steinberg, an endurance athlete about to row 5,000 miles – alone – from Hawaii to Australia, all while microdosing. He faces unique stakes in this ultimate test of mind and body. Passion for ocean conservation and the recent loss of his mom to suicide – six years after his father made the same choice – are powerful motivators. But an unexpected heart attack 5 months before he was planning to depart leaves lingering questions about the risks he will face at sea. What will this journey to the brinks of human endurance teach us about resilience and the human spirit?




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Working Tens is a producing trio with a combined 35 years of experience in journalism and documentary production. The Emmy-Award-winning team brings a proven track record of telling incredible stories of extraordinary human ambition, both on and off the planet, using cutting-edge cinematic techniques and unparalleled access. We have previously produced and developed films and series for Netflix, Smithsonian Channel / Paramount+, Oculus and PBS (USA). Recent projects include “A Year in Space,” “Space Explorers: The ISS Experience,” and “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space.”