Tribes and Natures Defenders


Empower the children, women, and men of the Indigenous Peoples Communities of the Philippines through tribal education, healthcare, environmental protection, and sustainable community development.


November 1, 2023


Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Sustainable Development Goals


This approach aims to change lives by rehabilitating and protecting the environment, promoting Indigenous Peoples’ rights to self-determination, intercultural appreciation, and respect. Additionally, it ensures self-governance and ownership of the Indigenous peoples’ Ancestral Domain lands, while respecting their culture and tradition. Furthermore, it aims to ensure equal treatment of the community and participation in implementing sustainable integrated area development, with both men and women having equal access to and control over corresponding resources and activities.

Program Goals:

  1. To defend the rainforest, wildlife and the indigenous peoples of the Philippines
  2. To provide sustainable, regenerative livelihoods and a green economy
  3. To preserve indigenous culture, traditions, beliefs and wisdom
  4. To establish peace with the natural environment
  5. To restore the ancestral landscape
Current Programs:
  1. Organize Forest Guards to protect the rainforest and wildlife
  2. Create a community-based climate school to train the tribal youth
  3. Train the tribal youth as forest protectors
  4. Restore the denuded ancestral landscape
  5. Provide food security and sustainable green economy to protect mother earth
  6. Promote a women-based enterprise
  7. Establish healthcare and embrace traditional medicines





Organized 50 Forest Guards to protect the rainforest and wildlife in the Philippines


Created 10 Community based climate schools and trained 50 tribal youth as forest protectors


Restored 30 hectares of ancestral landscape and planted 25,000 native trees