We Are Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives Working for Change

Our Team is an eclectic group of professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Coming from diverse backgrounds and fields, we work together to amplify the impact of your initiative.


Sonia Succar Ferré

Board Secretary

Adam Schlenger

Board Member

Christopher Mackin

Board Treasurer

Aaron Berger

Board Member


Desiree Tavera

Executive Director

Charlie Coleman

Operations Director

Annie Coleman

Marketing & Communications Director

Thabo Abbate

Finance Director

Andrea Stambaugh

Marketing & Communications Manager

Tech Advisory Committee

Andrew Garcia

Tech Advisor

Leo Fink

Tech Advisor

Carl Dean

Tech Advisor

Fundraising Advisory Committee

Paula Rosales

Fundraising Committee Chair

Milene Tabory

Fundraising Advisor

Katelyn Lyster

Fundraising Advisor