Wise Blue Yonder


To help people of all abilities confidently plan their trips and travel in a way that feels safe and meets their unique needs.


August 1, 2023


Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


Wise Blue Yonder​ offers travel solutions and services to help people with limited mobility, specialized needs, and differing abilities plan and enjoy travel experiences ​tailored to their unique needs. We believe that the world should be equally accessible to everyone, and it is our mission to help people enjoy travel, live their best lives and make memories through inspiring and empowering travel experiences.

Built by differently abled people for differently-abled people, we offer:

  • Monthly subscription services to vetted travel itineraries and travel resources
  • Unique downloadable travel itineraries
  • Travel planning services, full-service travel planning customized to your needs and fellow travelers
  • Coming soon: partner travel discounts
  • Coming soon: travel web community and web platform for searching, finding and planning trips and experiences filtered by accessibility needs
We launched our pre-release in summer 2023 and our travel planning services in March 2024. We plan to launch our full travel web platform in mid- to late- 2024.Travel enriches our lives in unimaginable ways. Everyone, regardless of ability, has the right to wander, to wonder, to explore. At Wise Blue Yonder, we’ll continue to forge the path for travel experiences that are equally accessible to everyone.





Jen Roth: [email protected]

Jennifer Neuman: [email protected]

Kate Glode: [email protected]