Buena Semilla


Our collectives paces are spaces for sharing knowledge – whether it be local/ancestral or academic. We aim to create spaces where relationships of support (i.e. with donors) can be of mutual exchange, and spaces of growth and transformation and sisterhood/brotherhood for all involved. Our goal is to sustainably create an abundance of resources for individuals and collectives facing incredible need as they live in extreme poverty and are excluded from all social and other services, while facing ongoing discrimination and some of the worst gender-based violence in the world. We are providing much needed solutions to very complex social and health problems and are recognized global experts in participatory, community-based mental health intervention projects and authentic community engagement with some of the most hard to reach populations.




Republic of Guatemala, Central America

Sustainable Development Goals


Buena Semilla co-creates collective spaces, hand-in-hand with local communities, where women and men may become agents of change in their own lives, families and communities. These spaces are our community-based, community-led Women’s Circles for women and Dialogue groups for men and women.

In the safe, equalizing space of the Circle, or Dialogue Group, women, and men, learn the importance of lifting each other up in a context where they are often isolated and invisible, even to one another. They build webs of support. They share difficulties and solutions and strengthen their self-esteem and agency. They become more adept at recognizing and addressing gender-based violence and its effects. They build better relationship with their partners and families. They learn skills that support their livelihoods. They experience increased wellbeing and decreased emotional distress.

In addition to fostering both individual and collective wellbeing, these spaces also nurture reciprocity, Earth stewardship, the recovery of ancestral knowledge, and the strengthening of local regenerative solidarity economies. They also provide local women and men with opportunities for ongoing learning and growth through shared craftsmanship, various educational opportunities, and leadership and mentorship training.

Every year, we train new leaders of both Women’s Circles and Men’s Groups, and start working in new communities.




We have trained 45 local women as Women Circle leaders


We have worked in 26 rural communities of Guatemala


We have had over 500 women participate in our Women's Circles