Fiscal Sponsorship

Far Away Projects is a fiscal sponsorship organization building an equitable and regenerative future. Everyday, we provide organizational tools to global leaders making an impact in their own communities. Projects are selected for fiscal sponsorship based on their alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What's Included

Legal infrastructure of a 501(c)3 Nonprofit entity

IRS tax-exemption, and charitable registration that you can be a project of. As a fiscal sponsor we have incorporated as a nonprofit entity in accordance with the requirements of CALIFORNIA state and UNITED STATES federal law and remain in good standing.

Legal Compliance

We ensure projects comply with financial, programmatic, and administrative requirements of grants.

Funding Resources & Sufficiency of Systems

We build, maintain, and continually improve systems and tools for fundraising, administrative and technical support. Support resources currently include, but are not limited to, the following, and are subject to change upon the express discretion of the fiscal sponsor to maintain up-to-date best practices:

Systems for Handling Funds

We establish and maintain sound systems, policies, and procedures for the appropriate processing and disbursement of funds raised.

Project Fund Monitoring & Financial Oversight

We monitor all projects for appropriateness of expenditures and for fiscal solvency and routinely review project fund balances down to the level of individual grants.

Legal Compliance & Legal Signatory

We review and approve all contracts, leases, and other legally binding project commitments that name Far Away Project as holding company.

Operational Policies and Procedures

We maintain clear written operational policies and procedures, orienting all staff and project leaders about their intent and practical implementation.

Access Toolkits

We work closely with projects to help coach, train, and develop strategies for project development and assist with fundraising strategies.

Uses of Project Funds and Assets

Except for the agreed-upon administrative overhead charges to sponsored projects and the exercise of its variance powers, we do not expend funds dedicated for project purposes for any other purpose unless ordered by a court of law or government agency.

Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We have a policy to ensure our work and our projects are equally representative of the people we represent.

Grant Support

We provide a grant review process, “What to prepare for writing a grant” Grant Proposal elements and good practices.

Advisory Support

We provide an advisor to support initiatives in guiding through the process or questions, grant, and valuable connections to further their work.

Donation Processing


We offer streamlined (and at times custom) donation processing services, efficiently handling contributions made to sponsored projects, ensuring transparency, and providing donors with tax receipts and acknowledgments. We make it possible to receive every type of donation: cash, stock, crypto, tangible asset and in-kind donations, and grants.


Tier I Tier II Tier III
Lifetime deposits < $950,000 $950,000 – $2,000,000 > $2,000,000
FS Fee % of deposits 12% 8% 5%