Ripple Project


Create cultural and ecological resilience in the Great Basin Region.




Nevada, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


Ripple structures and accomplishes projects that support cultural and ecological resilience. Especially with native tribes, especially with museums, never for profit, and always with our neighbors.

Our flagship project is Ripple, a winning submission to the 2020 Land Art Generator Initiative Competition hosted at Fly Ranch, a remote piece of land in Nevada owned by Burning Man project. Ripple will soon be a self-reliant base for spreading native biodiversity and ecological knowledge of the Great Basin, while acting as a launch pad for ecological restoration at Fly Ranch and the local ecosystems beyond. (

We have installed two exhibits at the Pyramid Lake Paiute museum: an ethnobotanical medicine garden, and a traditional Haba shade structure. These have been done collaboratively with tribal members and local experts. Several other museums in Nevada have reached out to us since about doing similar projects.

We see this as a potentially reproducible model in other climates and communities. Doing projects like these implicitly gathers a network of do-gooders and field experts who become organized to work together further.

Ripple has been made possible by over 15,000 volunteer hours and a well-structured group of organizers. Every dime of grant funding and donations has gone directly to enabling practical project progress.




A top-ten winner of the LAGI 2020 International Design competition.


Made possible by a growing network of 75+ volunteers... and counting.


2 ongoing community projects in the Great Basin Region - the Ripple Base and a medicine garden.



Ripple is proud to have designed a democratic system for decision making and accountability, the Ripple Guild. We are excited to announce the launch of the Ripple Network, a communal digital space for people to come together around Ripple Projects. If you’d like to join the network or learn more, please send us a message!

Thank you to everyone who has participated or contributed in any shape or form. Your energy continues to Ripple outward.