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Ripple Project


Create the first self-reliant Ripple Base at Fly Ranch as a tool for building a responsive community to regenerate the cultural and ecological resilience of the Great Basin Region.




Nevada, USA

Sustainable Development Goals


A station for the regeneration of native biodiversity and ecological knowledge, Ripple is an engaging educational space for community gatherings, workshops, and projects.

Prototyping will commence in summer 2022 for the permanent installation of Ripple at Fly Ranch, a bountiful 3,800-acre plot of land in Nevada owned by Burning Man Project.

In 2020, Ripple was a winning entry to an international design competition hosted by the Land Art Generator Initiative, which sought to promote new designs for building sustainable infrastructure at Fly Ranch. The community liked our direction and have given us land to build a full-scale prototype. Building this first Ripple Base will help develop a pattern that can be replicated in any biome.

We are contributing to a volunteer-driven movement that supports the de-commodification values of Burning Man. We are not corporate-driven and and are seeking support as we all work together to manifest Ripple.

You can support Ripple in many ways. Your donation of any amount of money, material, or service will make a positive impact immediately.

Pick your favorite eco-technology below and help bring it into existence. To join the team and community, or to just stay in the loop, join our email list below!

Learn more and meet the team on our website at flyripple.org


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  • Communications Leader: Matthew Lagomarsino
  • Communications Deputy: Jacob Mast
  • Dome Leader: Baas Kools
  • Dome Interim Deputy: Chris R. Clark
  • Education Subteam Leader: Melika Tabrizi
  • Education Subteam Deputy: Zack Bishop
  • Energy Subteam Leader: Pierre-Yves Bertholet
  • Energy Subteam Deputy: Oscar Ruiz
  • Fundraising Subteam Leader: Kendall Colman
  • Lanscape-Construction Leader: Massimo Massarotto
  • Plants Leader: Israel Orellana
  • Plants Deputy: Gabriel Donnenberg
  • Plants Deputy: Sheridan O’Toole Renehan
  • Regeneration Leader: Noemi Florea
  • Water Subteam Leader: Elizabeth O’Keefe Markham
  • Water Subteam Deputy: Joe Garner

Thank you for every drop of energy:

Mentors: Ed Kleiner, Pat Fox, Peter I. May, David Omick, Bryan Quinn, Tara Burke, Rina Schumer, Marnee Benson, Kim Boester, H. Michael Ross, Patrick McGibbon, David Tilley, John D. Lead-Cox, Cedric Nwafor, Aldo Lagomarsino, Laura Lagomarsino, Patricia Kosco Cossard, Rico Newman

Interns: Juliane Brown, Emily Haight

Teammates / Community Members: Scherwyn Udwadia, Jacques Marais, Chris Clark, Xiaojin Ren, Christina Bychkov, Emily Goo, Mimi Tasker, Max Skoglund, Sasha Bugler, Meagan Collins, Nicole Ginzburg, Arielle Gottlieb, Gabriel Mafra, Zac Cirivello, Matt Sundquist, Joe Childs, Steve Le Cam, Erika Wesnousky, Elizabeth Monoian, Robert Ferry, Stephen Chun, Samantha Elizabeth Watters, Timothy Cobos, Nicole Ginzburg, Tyler Manning, Maya Lee, Tara Burke, Zamyra Tabraj, Victor Priego, Nick Gyongyosi, Gustav Grantham, Eric Lancaster, Ben Wood & so many more