The Trauma Project


The Trauma Project targets the basic human right of safety. We see human inflicted trauma and abuse as an insidious epidemic. We bring science, education, wellness, and community to a large and marginalized group of people in an effort to improve health, humanity, and the sustainability of life on earth. Our vision is to empower those impacted by trauma. Our mission is to heal and prevent trauma through peer-to-peer community, connection, education, and wellness. We stand for: Safety Of all bodies, minds, and hearts, the present & future of all children, zero abuse against all beings, speaking up against all human violations progress In health, peace, and harmony, courage to heal the hardest parts there are to heal.




United States

Sustainable Development Goals


Through our peer-to-peer programs, we heal and prevent abuse and trauma.

Our programs include:
Anonymous No More
A podcast series that tells the story of 24 trauma survivors and reveals the diverse and yet common occurrences of abuse against women, children, and men. Sharing these stories heal the individual and society.

Trauma Empowerment Allyship (TEA Circles)
A project for building new relationships based on trust, accountability, and consistency. Trauma survivors create or are matched with a peer-to-peer support circle with similar experiences. This breaks the harmful illusion of isolation and creates a community of belonging.

Beautiful Wisdom
A resource portal and programs partnered with physicians, therapists, and peers to share training, education, and wellness practices so that all may access steps to healing and integration.

Integration in Real Life
In this program, we Integrate through arts and theater, special events, workshops, and retreats. This activates and connects the global fleet of superhero’s through interactive community programming so we can thrive together.

Get Involved
This movement is for everyone’s benefit and will take a tribe to make the change we wish to see. We celebrate everyone’s superpowers and welcome you to join us if you are inspired!




1000 people healed in intimate healing programs.


1000’s of people connected to trauma resources.


4 programs started for healing trauma.



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  • Teresa Yung – Founder